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Lice Happens provides a professional mobile lice treatment and removal clinic that travels from home to home in the Boston area. Their specialties include professional lice removal and education on lice prevention.

This mobile family service center provides discreet, private, and confidential treatment to those suffering from lice. They take the stress away from clients who are trying to eliminate lice on their own. Clients no longer have to travel to a public salon or store to buy toxic treatments to get rid of lice.

Lice Happens offers non-toxic, pesticide free, environmentally friendly treatments to families. These treatments have no side effects are are gentle. Prior to the treatment being applied, their trained Specialists will check each member of the household to ensure that everybody who is suffering from lice is treated. After treatment is applied, the specialists will finely comb through clients’ hair to remove eggs (nits) and lice from the hair and scalp. Each Specialist with this company is trained on how to treat children and they offer soothing and calming treatments to kids of a young age. All services are salon quality.

Lice Happens says, “Our professional head lice treatment Specialists not only end the cycle of lice but most importantly provide you with the education and hands on training needed to prevent future outbreaks.”

This team trains and educates families on how to properly clean their homes to get rid of lingering bugs. They dispel any myths that are associated with cleanliness of the home and head lice and provide tips on how to prevent a head lice outbreak in the future.

Lice Happens is available for emergency lice removal services as well as appointments in the Boston area and also serves Newton, Braintree, Andover, Lexington, and Reading. For more information about this company, visit their website at or their Google+ page at

About: Lice Happens is a mobile lice removal family service center located in Boston, MA

Address: 48 Florence Street, Somerville, MA, 02145

Phone: (862) 224-6945

Contact: Kevin Byram


Keywords: Lice removal, Boston, private lice treatment, natural lice treatment

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6 Things A Food Poisoning Expert Refuses To Eat

As you might imagine, spending a career thinking about the food-borne illnesses that make people sick (or worse) would force a person to think about the kind of meals he puts into his own body.

That's because every year, there are approximately 48 million cases of food-borne illnesses in the U.S., according to the Food and Drug Administration.An estimated 128,000 people are hospitalized for these sicknesses, and about 3,000 die on an annual basis.

ForBill Marler, a Seattle-based products liability and personal injury attorney who has worked as a food safety advocate in the U.S. for the past two decades, there are some innocuous-seeming edibles that won't ever make it into his grocery cart. The lawyer has represented the victims of major food poisoning cases against companies like Chili's, Dole, Taco Bell and Wendy's, prompting him to come up with some very specific rules about the food he eats.

In a recent article published in his firm's blog,Food Poison Journal, Marler listed six food items he refuses to eat. Check out the list -- and Marler's science-backed reasonings -- below, then ask yourself if youreally want to go to thatdollar oyster happy hour tonight.

1. Pre-cut and pre-washed produce.

HandmadePictures via Getty ImagesFood poisoning expert Bill Marler does not take a bite of any produce that's been pre-cut or pre-washed.

As convenient as packaged apple slices and pre-washed lettuce may be, Marler "avoids them like the plague," he wrote. Food is more likely to be contaminated the more it is processed and touched, so Marler purchases unwashed and uncut fruits and veggies. Buying these items in bulk is the enemy, he says: to decrease the risk for listeria, Marler buys enough produce to last him only three to four days.

2. Uncooked sprouts.

Bean, alfalfa, clover and radish sprouts are increasingly popping up in grocery stores nationwide, but Marler won't munch on them unless they're cooked. He cited E. coli and salmonella outbreaks associated with the miniature veggies, arguing the risk isn't work it. Marler said sprouts are particularly dicey because their seeds are prone to bacterial contamination.

3. Red meat cooked medium rare.

Are you picking up on a theme here? Marler seems to be all about the cooking process. While a medium rare burger yields glorious red juices that run on your plate, Marler said such meat also runs the risk of being contaminated with bacteria, especially when it's ground.

"If its not cooked thoroughly to 160F throughout, it can cause poisoning by E. coli and salmonella and other bacterial illnesses, he said.

4. Raw shellfish.

noblige via Getty ImagesHow appealing do those $1oysters seem right now?

Oysters may be an aphrodisiac, but they're not sexy to this lawyer.

Oysters are filter feeders, so they pick up everything thats in the water, Marler wrote. If the water is contaminated, the shellfish will be, too. In 2008, the Center of Science for the Public Interest cited fish and shellfish as the number one cause of food-borne illnesses.

Food poisoning through seafood is on the rise: A 2015 report showed that vibrio poisonings, which often spread from the consumption of oysters, increased by a whopping 52 percent over the past decade or so. Vibriosis is one of the most serious kinds of food poisoning. Though it is rare, around half of the people inflicted by one of the specific strains ultimately die from it.

Read the rest of Marler's list onFood Poison Journal.

4 of the Most Commonly Recalled Foods (and How to Buy Them Safely)

Baked Goods

The Concern: While it's been more than 10 years since the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act went into effect, unlabeled allergensmost often peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish and eggsare still the number one cause of recalls for FDA-regulated foods. And they often crop up unannounced in bakery products.

Small Thing to Keep in Mind: If you have an allergy, check the label each time you buy a product, because manufacturers sometimes change recipes and a trigger food may have been added. Here's a helpful list of unexpected words to watch out for, broken down by the type of diet you're following.

Jacques Palut/iStock/Thinkstock

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