Lice Removal and Treatment in Decatur and Dunwoody

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We eliminate lice infestations using cutting edge technology and safe, comfortable, all natural and chemical free processes that exclude any and all pesticides – and all within the comfort of your home. This is because about 60% of lice are resistant to chemicals, and therefore the solution to the lice infestation issue is not stronger chemicals. Simple, all-natural products and patient nit-picking will guarantee to kill lice and nits of all stages in one single treatment lice. We guarantee 100% success. When you compare this to the 54% clearance being offered by the over-the-counter products, you will be rest assured that you are armed with the proper tools and information necessary to treat this infestation effectively including that of future outbreaks.

With well over 20 years of active daily experience in the business, we have mastered the art of eradicating head lice. Thousands of satisfied clients throughout the country are all the proof any hesitant parent needs to be convinced of the safe and reliable nature of our treatments. Our mobile lice removal service conducts head screenings and treatments.

The removal of head lice is our specialty. However, our passion is to educate and inform families, schools/daycares, churches, and other small business on the techniques and modes of transfer lice prefer. We will help you get rid of lice and inform you on preventive methods as well as the proper home eradication process. In the process of passing along this knowledge attained through in-depth study and an active experience with lice removal, we’ll assist you to implement prevention methods. Understanding what you need to carry out to delouse your home will help you prevent re-infestation in the future. Contact us today at to speak with a lice expert and get to learn more about the ways in which we can help you.

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